What to know about Pancasila Village in Lamongan


Jakarta, IO – Diverse ethnicities, cultures and religions is one of Indonesia’s appeals in the eyes of the world. This uniqueness is also reflected in the regions seen as a melting pot of identities.

Balun Village is one of them. The village in Lamongan is even dubbed the Pancasila Village because of the diverse religions of its residents.

The people in the village live in harmony among adherents of Islam, Christianity and Hinduism. Their peaceful coexistence can be seen from the houses of worship erected side by side. The mosque, church and temple in Balun Village are only separated by small roads and village squares.

Balun Village chief Kusyairi explained that the village has for more than half a century been known for its diversity and tolerance and this has been well maintained by the villagers. For example, when a particular religious group celebrate their holiest day, all the other villagers will come together to help out and take part in the festivity.  

“Initially the nickname as Pancasila Village was given by the media, students and researchers who conducted research on to interfaith harmony in our village,” Kusyairi was reported as saying by Detik, Friday (2/6).

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Kusyairi said the diversity in village can also be seen from one of the houses inhabited by people of different religions.

Even though Muslims are the majority, the community always upholds tolerance and mutual respect for other residents regardless of their faith.

Balun Village comprises 621,103-hectare area divided into two hamlets, Balun and Ngangkrik. It has a population of 4,477 people. (un)