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Vital nutrients for calcium absorption and bone health


Jakarta, IO – The Covid-19 pandemic has forced people to stay at home for prolonged periods of time within the past two years. Naturally, this will degrade our overall health, especially our bones, as they require a regular loading and unloading from daily activities to become solid and maintain their strength. Even worse, as we age, bone health inevitably deteriorates, alongside other bodily functions. Weakening bones are a silent affliction that runs great risks as years pass. 

Orthopedic surgery specialist dr. Isa An Nagib, Sp.OT(K), FICS, reports that according to the Indonesian Osteoporosis Association (Perhimpunan Osteoporosis Indonesia – “Perosi”), 41.8% of Indonesian men and 90% of Indonesian women have low bone density, with 28.8% of men and 32.3% of women suffering from osteoporosis. This is dangerous, as it means that a third of our adult population is at a heightened risk of bone fracture or breakage. Fractures generally occur in the spine, hips, and thighs. In 2019, fracture levels rose by 43.3% in women and 26.8% in men. 

“The bone is like a paper cup filled with water. As you age, your container gets thinner and starts to leak here and there. How come? From the day you were born until you’re about 30 years old, your bones absorb calcium and steadily lay down more and more deposits every day, at a much faster rate than it naturally resorbs or dissolves into the body. As you age, your bones degenerate and dissolve. Material seeps out from the bones like water drops seeping through the degraded paper, and the next thing you know much of the water is gone,” dr. Isa explained, in a webinar held on Thursday (28/07/2022). 


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