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Ukraine Joins NATO: Assessing Future Disasters


Jakarta, IO – News about the Russo-Ukrainian conflict is still available to the general public and academics today. Russia and Ukraine are locked in a chess match. Perhaps the adage “starting a war is easy, but stopping it is difficult” is accurate. President Putin does not appear to be playing with his words since the first time Vladmir Putin declared war on Ukraine until four areas of Ukraine (Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia, and Kherson) were controlled and the vote on joining Russia was held. On the other hand, Ukraine is not any less intriguing. Ukrainian President Zelensky has continued to protect Ukrainian land and seek foreign backing; on October 1st, social media was flooded with the headline “Ukraine Joins NATO.” This situation will certainly intensify the situation, not only in every combat zone, but will also invite other nations to become engaged in the dynamics of Russia-Ukraine ties, opening a new chapter on the international political arena in the twenty-first century. 

What worries people now is that the possibility of a third global war is becoming more serious. If we go back to when the war started, some political and war analysts downplayed the problem of nuclear participation in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, but this has to be revisited now. Not only that, but the consequences of the Russia-Ukraine war have exacerbated the natural gas, oil, and wheat flour crises. If Covid 19 last year was successful in weakening the economics of the world’s countries, then the Russia-Ukraine war might be far worse. 

If Ukraine joins NATO, it means that the conflict has begun and that the situation will escalate in the future. Many groups were concerned by Russia’s takeover of four Ukrainian territories. In response, the United Nations (UN) called an emergency meeting on October 2nd. Russia rejected resolutions made by the United States and Albania to the United Nations Security Council denouncing Moscow’s annexation of areas of Ukraine. As Russia’s annexation actions breach UN norms, US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas Greenfield sponsored a resolution requesting member states not to recognize Ukraine’s change in status and for Russia to remove its soldiers. At least ten nations supported the resolution, while China, Gabon, India, and Brazil abstained. China has strongly condemned Western sanctions imposed on Russia, but it has neither endorsed or aided Russia in its military operations. Meanwhile, it is not guaranteed that Ukraine’s application to join NATO would be successful. As a spokesperson for the US president, Nancy Pelosi stated that “NATO remains, in principle, accessible to any country.” However, Ukraine’s aspiration to join NATO must be carefully weighed at this time.” 


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