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“The Truth Inside You: Alunan Kisah tentang Perempuan”: A portrait of women’s strength and determination


Jakarta, IO – The National Museum has just held an exhibition about women themed “The Truth Inside You: Alunan Kisah tentang Perempuan,” from December 15, 2022 to January 15, 2023. The event portrayed women’s role in all aspects of life. It managed to attract visitors from all walks of life and segment of society.

At the entrance, visitors are presented with a preamble explaining how women, especially in Indonesia, play a major role in building a civilization despite being under the patriarchal system. It sought to portray women who are not just beautiful, but also confident and tough.

At the same time, visitors are also presented with a large mirror with masks with a variety of facial expressions – sad, happy, angry, smiling and laughing – which invited visitors to take selfies. Further inside, art installations titled “This is Me” and “I can Be” tried to send messages about identity, image, and women’s role in family and civic life.

Visitors were engaged to understand women with all their uniqueness and grace. “This is Me” features items commonly used by women from various regions such as jewelery which illustrates the relationship between women and make up while emphasizing diverse definition of beauty.


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