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Soundrenaline 2023 latest official lineup


Jakarta, IO – Soundrenaline 2023 is coming back! A list of performers for the first phase has been announced. This iconic, progressive Indonesian music festival is a recent trending topic in the virtual realm. Many people speculated on who will appear in the event, and netizens were abuzz with their own reasoning as to which particular performers will be selected, and why. Finally, all speculation and quarrels were set to rest with Ravel Entertainment’s official Phase Two announcement. 

“Right now, we are seeking to satisfy our music lovers’ curiosity. They must be impatient and questioning and guessing who will appear in the upcoming Soundrenaline 2023 on 2-3 September at the Ancol Carnaval Circuit, Jakarta. For the second phase, we are announcing our international lineup as follows: Thirty Seconds to Mars, Explosions in The Sky, Turnover, and The Devil Wears Prada. Our national lineup this year include The Cash, Amigdala, Endah ‘n Rhesa and The Panturas,” explained Ravel Junardy, CEO of Soundrenaline 2023 promoter Ravel Entertainment. 

Ravel Entertainment has taken the progressive step of bringing in more top international performers and has become more adaptive by showcasing a broader range of musical genres in their lineup. Soundrenaline is more than a forum for appreciating musical arts, talent, and works. It is a stage where musicians show off their creative creations, which makes it an iconic and progressive music festival that always portrays true progress. 

Thirty Second to Mars is a special performer in the Soundrenaline 2023 lineup, coming straight from America. In August to October of this year, Jared Leto (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard, songwriter) and Shannon Leto (drum, percussion) will be commencing their American tour. Originally, they had no plans to visit either Asia or Europe. However, to satisfy the desire of the band’s Indonesian fans, Ravel Entertainment made great efforts to persuade the band to play their newest single, “Stuck”, among other songs, on the Soundrenaline 2023 stage. And they succeeded. 

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The same story revolves around Turnover, the alternative rock band from Virginia. Brothers Getz Austin (vocals) and Casey (drums), Danny Dempsey (bass), and Nick Rayfield (guitar) turn out to have a huge fan base in Indonesia. Their presence at Soundrenaline 2023 is something that many of our music lovers look forward to. 

Other than in terms of performers, the concept for the 19th iteration of Soundrenaline will maintain their fans’ expectation of progressiveness and surprise, of inspiring musical experience. “That’s right! We still have musical aces in our sleeves for our final lineup. However, you must wait until the third phase for that. I assure you, they’re equally cool!” Ravel declared. (des/ ast)


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