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Release of “Terbit,”Pendarra’s next song


Jakarta, IO – Pendarra, who recently performed their “Panggung Terbenam” show on December 15, 2023, has ended the journey under their old name and transformed into the new “Pendarra.” 

Pendarra actively wrote and produced songs from September to December 2023, resulting in several ready for release to the public, with “Terbit” as one of the tunes. “Terbit” means “to emerge, rise, come out, or ascend” in Indonesian. 

“Terbit” will commence Pendarra’s journey in 2024, and mark their journey into a new year, as the song holds significant meaning: “a new beginning and the start of a journey”. 

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The song “Terbit” is a collaborative effort between Pendarra and Matter Halo, in the quest to share a similar vision and interest in the same music genre. In addition to sharing a similar interest, Matter Halo’s sound approach fits perfectly with the song. 

“Terbit” was widely released on January 5, 2024, on all digital streaming platforms, for all of Pendarra’s listeners to enjoy. (des/ ast)


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