Puan Maharani expects PDIP cadres to keep solid in facing 2024

Puan Maharani
Puan Maharani. Photo: Rayi Gigih/IO

IO – Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) Central Executive Board (DPP) Chairwoman Puan Maharani made a visit to PDIP’s Branch Executive Board (DPC) in Boyolali Regency during her work visit in Central Java. She briefed the committee of PDIP’s DPC Boyolali. “This is my first personal visit to my electoral district since the COVID-19 pandemic hit two years ago. I really miss it,” said Puan to the cadres, Wednesday (1/19/2022).

On this occasion, she instructed all PDIP cadres to keep solid for the upcoming 2024 general elections, setting a target to increase the number of seats in the Regional House of Representatives (DPRD) for the next election.

“Only Boyolali has the most seats. There are 35 seats out of 45 in the DPRD. Let’s strive to increase the number,” said Puan.

“Boyolali has been the most solid, especially during (the tenure) of Mr. Seno, the former Regent of Boyolali. In the future, everyone must take responsibility. We should never get less than 35 seats. We are strong, and now we must be even stronger,” added Puan.

She expects all cadres to follow the instructions of PDIP General chairwoman Megawati Soekarnoputri in preparing for the 2024 contestation.

“We have to follow the General chairwoman’s instructions. As a party official, I always follow her instructions. We need to keep moving, especially during this pandemic,” said Puan.

“With this strength, we will organize so the people can benefit. In 2024, we will maintain their trust. Get ready and coordinate. Don’t be disloyal,” Puan added.

Puan also mentioned the party’s internal strategy for the 2024 general elections. She warns the cadres not to make their own political decisions because she believes it can divide the Party. “We will wait for the General chairwoman, where we are heading for in 2024. Don’t follow the crowd and make your own decision. It’s foolish and can divide the party. Others would be happy to see us divided and lose,” she exclaimed.

“Perform your duties as assigned. Keep moving. Keep fighting alongside the people,” Puan concluded. (des)