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Prambanan Jazz Festival 2024,“One Decade Together”


Jakarta, IO – Prambanan Jazz Festival (PJF) is an international music event first held in 2015 at Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta. It was a dream come true, enabled through a collaboration between Prambanan Temple as one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites and musical works of art by legendary national and international musicians. 

The next PJF will be held at Prambanan Temple for three days, July 5-7, 2024, and will present a line-up of popular local and international musicians. 

Prambanan Jazz Festival also features performances from local “emerging talent”. Local Hero also has the opportunity to perform in the “submission program”, similar to what Borneo Goes to Prambanan Jazz, Jawara Jakarta and Baku Nada have done. Auditions for teenagers from 7 to 16 years old will be carried out in the I’m Jazz A Kids program. “The collaboration between artists’ performances on the Prambanan Jazz stage will be a refreshing and special treat for PJF lovers who come to the event. This special collaboration can certainly only be found at the Prambanan Jazz Festival,” said Anas, the founder of Prambanan Jazz Festival. 

This year’s festival will be different because three stages will be set up in the Prambanan Temple area: the Special Show Stage, Festival Stage and NAVASRPM Stage. This is done to give PJF lovers a wide choice of performers to enjoy this togetherness. The “Special Show Stage” will return to provide an intimate and exclusive celebration of this togetherness and a selected line-up. 

“One Decade Together” will accommodate all audiences and performers from various cities and countries, bringing various cultures, languages and outfits, indirectly providing a strong and inherent visual, verbal and energy exchange. One Decade Together reflects the “longstanding” program, which has involved arts workers, performers and audiences who spent a decade with Prambanan Jazz events. Collaboration with sponsors, artists, art workers, MSMEs, and all parties involved will certainly create a beautiful synergy in enjoying the music echoing in the Prambanan Temple’s sky. 

Prambanan Jazz is a pioneer of “family-friendly events” that are child- and disability-friendly, because the organizer provides adequate facilities, including toilets, prayer rooms, lactation rooms, kids’ areas or playgrounds, with smoke-free areas. This is also in line with UNESCO regulations that the Prambanan Temple and its environs are smoke-free tourist areas. 

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The Prambanan Jazz Festival is back as the “Melting Pot” of tourism in Jogjakarta. It will be a magnet for tourists and music enthusiasts worldwide. PJF will try to unite all economic actors in Yogyakarta and its peripheral areas so they can experience the domino effect of this world-class music concert. “We will prepare modern and ancient culinary delights and typical Jogja crafts at the Prambanan Jazz Festival, over three days. Let’s enjoy all the facilities we have prepared specifically for PJF Lovers,” said Anas. 

Ultimately, One Decade Together will celebrate one decade long of “togetherness” at the Prambanan Jazz Festival in 2024 with the hope that we can remember, nurture and preserve it together. (des/ast)


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