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Prabowo, Erdogan Discuss Potential Indonesia-Turkey Cooperation and Palestine Solution


Jakarta, IO – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called President-elect Prabowo Subianto to congratulate him on his election victory and discuss bilateral relations and global developments on Monday (8/4).

Erdogan said he is confident that the robust and long-standing relationship between Indonesia and Turkey will continue to grow under Prabowo’s presidency.

“Our bilateral relations have been intensive in several areas such as military, defense, as well as industry, trade and finance,” said Erdogan.

“Dear brother, the momentum of cooperation that we have yet to realize during your tenure as defense minister will continue to be strengthened based on mutual trust because our two nations share common interests.”

In his reply, Prabowo said he is determined to continue to foster and expand cooperation between Indonesia and Turkey in various fields and to build on existing partnerships and collaborations.

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“We admire the achievements of the Turkish people and we wish to work together for the good of our respective people,” said Prabowo.

In addition, the two leaders talked about resolving issues of mutual concern to the Islamic world, especially the ongoing Palestine-Israel conflict. “If we can resolve this issue, I believe it will yield important added value for us,” said Erdogan.


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