People’s enthusiasm in celebrating TNI’s 77 anniversary


Jakarta, IO – Today (5/10), the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) commemorates its 77th birthday. Various activities were held, including the defense equipment parade from the Merdeka Palace to the iconic Hotel Indonesia (HI) roundabout. The equipment consisted of combat vehicles Anoa, Badak, Komodo, 155-mm Caesar self-propelled howitzer, Mistral MPVC, MCP Mistral radar, MLRS RM 70 Vampire, and Oerlikon Skyshield.

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They were then put on display at the HI roundabout and was swarmed by enthusiastic onlookers. Children and adults could be seen climbing the combat vehicles, taking selfies and even going inside. The soldiers also welcomed them by explaining the different parts of the war machines. The exhibition lasted until the afternoon. (Pebriawan)