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Pelosi’s Visit to Taiwan: A Risky Provocation for Sino-US Relations


Jakarta, IO – According to multiple Malaysian media sources, Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, arrived in Malaysia by U.S. Air Force plane on August 2 after visiting Singapore, beginning the second phase of her Asia trip. Earlier that evening, numerous Taiwanese media outlets speculated that U.S. Speaker Nancy Pelosi might fly to Taiwan after her visit to Malaysia on the 2nd. Since her visit to Malaysia, Beijing has been on the alert if she’ll really come to Taiwan. 

Taiwan media said that relevant Taiwan officials have confirmed receiving a notice to accept Pelosi’s arrival schedule. She’s to arrive at 22:30 at Taipei Songshan Airport, and spend a night at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. From the first hidden itinerary with no remarks, to the announcement that the schedule may be verified, the farce featuring Pelosi has garnered worldwide attention. 

Pelosi’s travel to Taiwan is a provocative gesture 

According to the website of China’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations, on August 1, Ambassador Zhang Jun, the rotating chairman of the Security Council and China’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, briefed the United Nations’ mainstream media on the Security Council’s work in August said “Taiwan is an integral part of Chinese territory. The one-China principle is the red line in China’s ties with any country, and “crossing the line” will never be tolerated. They vehemently reject “Taiwan independence” separatism and external intervention, and will never tolerate “Taiwan independence” forces in any form”. 

Relations between China and Taiwan have had their ebb and flow, but the US involvement poses a serious threat to China considering the rivalry between the two poles. However, what was feared happened wherein the US Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan. That only brings grave worry and steadfast resistance to the US on a number of occasions. 

The one-China principle has been gravely violated, China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity has been seriously violated, the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait is seriously undermined, and China-US relations will also be gravely undermined by this visit, which is undoubtedly dangerous and provocative. 

China has raised the alarm. If the U.S. insists on taking its own course, China will take strong, decisive action to protect territorial integrity and national sovereignty, and the U.S. should bear all significant repercussions. 

Taiwan issue has always been the most significant and delicate matter in Sino-US ties and is related to China’s fundamental interests. They have noted that President Biden underlined the United States’ one-China policy and the fact that the country does not support Taiwan’s “independence” during his phone call with President Xi Jinping on July 28. 


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