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Pelindo collaborates with Ombudsman and TII to suppress corruption at ports


Jakarta, IO – PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Persero) is cooperating with two institutions to increase transparency and strengthen the implementation of anti-corruption policies within the company. The cooperation is ongoing, carried out between Pelindo and the Indonesian Ombudsman through the signing of an MoU, as well as between Pelindo and Transparency International Indonesia (TII) through the signing of the cooperation agreement. 

The two collaboration efforts have the fundamental objective of increasing the level of integrity, transparency and sound business practices in all ports, as well as demonstrating the strong commitment of the parties to strengthening integrity and increasing transparency in port operations. 

Indonesian Ombudsman chair Mokhammad Najih said that there are several things that need to be addressed, to successfully suppress corruption. “One of the challenges in efforts to prevent criminal acts of corruption is obstacles to governance management, so that needs to be the focus of attention. How to meet standards in the form of governance in public administration that is measurable and built in an integrated manner,” said Najih. 

The MoU between Pelindo and the Ombudsman will form the basis for cooperation in order to improve the quality of Pelindo services. It contains clauses on efforts to prevent maladministration, accelerate the completion of public reports/complaints, request or exchange of information and data, and develop human resource competencies. Apart from that, Pelindo and the Ombudsman also agreed to jointly carry out public education and publication of anti-corruption programs. 

Meanwhile, the cooperation agreement between Pelindo and TII is focused on strengthening transparency and anti-corruption within Pelindo. The collaboration includes a review of the anti-corruption program at Pelindo, a whistleblowing system, special training for the Internal Supervisory Unit, training to identify high-risk individuals, as well as an evaluation of the implementation of ISO: 37001 concerning the Anti-Bribery Management System (SMAP). 

TII chair Felia Salim stated that this form of cooperation involved an assessment process, where Pelindo would receive an evaluation of governance and efforts to prevent corruption. 

“We will conduct an assessment of programs related to anti-corruption, governance and whistleblowing systems in state-owned companies. It can be said that since 2018, Pelindo has been included in the top 20, which is commendable. I am sure now it will be even better,” said Felia. As part of civil society, TII’s role is to encourage public participation in creating better and more integrated governance in SOEs. 

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Pelindo President Director Arif Suhartono added that the collaboration with the two anti-corruption institutions was a concrete step by Pelindo to fight corruption in ports. Through strengthening understanding of corruption prevention, it is hoped that every individual working at the port will be more sensitive and responsive to the principles of integrity. 

“These collaborations emphasize that Pelindo continues to improve itself. And to the Pelindo Group, please ensure that in carrying out the service process you must maintain integrity, be ready to be supervised. If anything goes wrong at Pelindo’s ports anywhere, it can be reported directly to me, through the whistleblowing system,” said Arif. (des)


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