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Gaia Music Festival, Jazz in the Valley 2023 builds on success, hits Bandung


Jakarta, IO – After the success of “Gaia Music Festival” in 2022, “Gaia Music Festival: Jazz in the Valley 2023” was successfully held on August 12 and 13, 2023. The event succeeded in presenting an inspiring and intimate impression with the support of the performers, the location between valleys, and the serene atmosphere of Bandung, so that visitors will not only enjoy the music, but also have an interesting experience while attending this event. 

The two-day festival, which has become Gaia Hotel Bandung’s annual music event, is in line with one of the pillars of Gaia Hotel Bandung’s Active/Rest concept: “Music and Movies”. This year’s Gaia Music Festival is titled Jazz in The Valley, in collaboration with Jazz Gunung Indonesia (JGI) – an international jazz concert organizer that focuses on creating outdoor events in highland areas. 

Gaia Music Festival 2023 was held at The Gaia Hotel Bandung for two days. The first day of Gaia Music Festival 2023 featured Ardhito Pramono, Teza Sumendra, Syaharani & Queen Fireworks, Deredia and Nona Ria. The second day was enlivened by Isyana Sarasvati, Tohpati feat Sandy Sandhoro, Gugun Blue Shelter feat Karungbrass, Jamie Aditya, and Madame & Toean. 

Entering the second day, the audience was increasingly enthusiastic and felt a series of spectacular and entertaining performances from the artists. 

The excitement began with Madame and Toean’s stage which brought the nuances of Parisian music and a touch of ethnic Bandung. They managed to create a unique atmosphere and greeted the audience with invitations to join in their rhythms. 

Jamie Aditya, with his mesmerizing musicality, delivered an energetic performance that brought not only the stage to life, but also the hearts of the audience. His selection of songs managed to steal the audience’s laughter and cheers. 

Gugun Blues Shelter and KarungBrass continued with their musical expertise. The combination of blues and brass gave the festival an interesting and unforgettable dimension. The atmosphere became even more intimate when the two jazz musicians, Tohpati and Sandhy Sondoro, decided to leave the stage and share the microphone with the audience. This moment created a closer connection between the performers and the audience, as if they were part of the performance itself. 

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Not only the mesmerizing stage performances, the activities inside Gaia Music Festival 2023 were also an attraction. Photo 360 was available for the audience to capture moments with the spectacular stage background. The merchandise offered was also a perfect memento to remember the experience at this festival. 

The highlight of Gaia Music Festival 2023 was enlivened by Isyana Sarasvati, who performed as the closing act. Isyana’s energy managed to amaze the audience with an extraordinary performance. 

Not only that: there was a pleasant surprise when Rayhan Maditra, Isyana’s husband, joined her on stage for a beautiful and romantic collaboration. They performed the song “HOME”. The audience was swept away by their unity and the beauty of their singing. (des/ast)


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