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Papua’s Wali chieftain: Lukas Enembe should be cooperative and abide by the law


Jakarta, IO – Chieftain of Papua’s Wali tribe Melianus Wali said Papua Governor Lukas Enembe must respect the law. He also reminded Lukas that he should set an example for the citizens by facing the law like a gentleman.

According to Melianus, obeying the law should not be difficult for Lukas Enembe if he is innocent. Lukas, added Melianus, should provide evidence through proper legal channels and not evade KPK summons.

“Lukas Enembe’s corruption case is purely a legal case and there is no politicization,” said Melianus, as reported by Jawa Pos, Monday (3/10).

Lukas Enembe has failed to show up for KPK questioning twice. Melianus believes that as a government official, Lukas should understand the rule of law and provide information to the KPK in a cooperative manner.

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“Lukas Enembe must face the legal process willingly and courageously,” said Melianus. “All Papuan people must strive to create peace and not be provoked by incitements that can harm the people themselves,” he stressed. (un)


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