MOF: Govt spending in 2023 tops Rp3,041.7T

Sri Mulyani
Press conference on financial notes and national budget draft (RAPBN) 2023 at the Taxation Directorate General on Tuesday (15/8). (IO/Dumaz Artadi)

Jakarta, IO – Finance Minister Sri Mulyani said the government spending allocation in the 2023 national budget draft (RAPBN) is projected to reach Rp3,041.7 trillion or 14.5 percent of GDP.

“This expenditure consists of central government spending of Rp2,230.0 trillion (73.3 percent) and regional transfer funds of Rp811.7 trillion (26.7 percent),” Sri said in a press conference on the Financial Note and the 2023 RAPBN on Tuesday (15/8).

Sri explained that the state expenditure policy for 2023 is prioritized for the development of Indonesian human resources through education, health and social safety net.

“For the education sector, Rp608.4 trillion has been allocated to enhance human resources quality so we will be more competitive and able to adapt. The budget will be used to increase access to education at all levels, provide infrastructure and educational assistance, and improve the quality of education including link and match with the industrial sector,” said Sri.