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Lukas Enembe Remains Wheelchair-bound When Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison

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Jakarta, IO – Former Papua governor Lukas Enembe continues to use a wheelchair while attending a court session where his verdict was read out in a case of alleged bribery and gratification at the Jakarta Corruption Court, Thursday (19/10).

It was suspected that Lukas was forcibly picked up when he was sick by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) to attend the trial. However, KPK spokesman Ali Fikri denied it because based on the assessment by a team of doctors, Lukas can undergo medical treatment as outpatient.

Lukas was found guilty and was sentenced to eight years in prison. He also had his political rights suspended for five years.

He was proven guilty of violating Article 12(a) and (b) of the Anti-Corruption Law in conjunction with Article 55(1) and 65(1) of the Criminal Code. In addition, he was required to pay a compensation of Rp19.6 billion no later than one month after the decision becomes legally binding.

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The defendant’s acts, which run counter to the government’s efforts to eradicate corruption, collusion and nepotism became an aggravating factor. The judge also pointed to his disrespectful attitude, including the use of profanity and curse in a courtroom.

On the other hand, that he has never been convicted of prior crime and still has family responsibilities, in addition to his medical conditions, became the mitigation factor.

(IO/Faisal Ramadhan)

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