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What to know about the “Eco-enzyme” to be sprayed to reduce air pollution


Jakarta, IO – The Jakarta Provincial Administration continues to carry out trials using eco-enzymes in water sprayed by water mist generators from the top of buildings, although so far the level of effectiveness is yet to be ascertained. Efforts to tackle pollution in the capital were previously carried out in 28 high-rise buildings in Central Jakarta city in early October.

“In principle, we will try everything possible (to overcome pollution),” said Jakarta Air Pollution Control Task Force spokesperson Ani Ruspitawati, per Kompas, Friday (20/10).

Ani said that there is comparative data when spraying ordinary water mixed with eco-enzyme. However, she stopped short of revealing the results.

“There is comparison data between ordinary water, maybe later it will really be updated to LH, because what I see is that the data doesn’t have much sampling,” said Ani.

A trial of spraying water mist mixed with eco-enzyme was carried out with the Eco-enzyme Nusantara community. Central Jakarta mayor Dhanny Sukma said that spraying was carried out simultaneously on 28 high-rise buildings in Central Jakarta.

“The more microbacteria that are sprayed, the more they will multiply and eat the pollutants,” said Dhanny. “So the more pollutants that are captured, the more air quality will automatically improve,” he continued.

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Separately, Nusantara Ecoenzyme deputy secretary Juliana Ojong explained in more detail regarding the liquid used. “Eco-enzyme is a multipurpose liquid which is a collection of fruit and vegetable peels. Fermented for three months and mixed with sugar and water,” she Juliana.

Based on research from Thailand that spans 35 years, fruit and vegetable skins contain enzymes consisting of vitamins. When fermented and decomposed, the composition becomes a liquid which is proven to add oxygen and nutrients to the soil. “When it is sprayed in the air, it will mix with other things. It breaks down into extraordinary oxygen and indirectly provides nutrients to the soil,” she explained. (rr)


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