Linde Indonesia expands production capacity in East Java through VPSA Oxygen Plant

(Source: Priv. Doc.)

Gresik, IO – Linde, a leading gases and engineering company, today announced that it has signed a contract with PT. Smelting (PTS) to supply additional oxygen to support the expansion of PTS’ copper smelter operations at Gresik, East Java. Linde will invest over US$ 15 million to establish a new oxygen plant and develop infrastructure at their existing production site. The plant will utilize Linde’s Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VPSA) technology. The VPSA plant is a packaged, non-cryogenic production plant, producing oxygen using an adsorption process. The new plant is expected to be completed and onstream by October 2023. 

Linde currently operates an integrated oxygen and power generation plant at Gresik, supplying over 1,000 tons per day of oxygen and around 35 MW of power to PTS. As part of this new contract, Linde will increase production capacity by almost 50%. 

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PT Smelting will increase production of their main product, copper cathodes, to around 350,000 tons per year. Linde’s oxygen is used in the smelting of copper concentrate, one of the first steps in the PTS production process. Copper cathode is used as the raw material for many industries, including the manufacture of wire, cable and tubing.