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KPK’s budget grows to IDR 1.3 trillion


IO – Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Chairman Firli Bahuri reveals that KPK will receive an additional budget allocation of IDR 300 billion this year.

“There is an increase in KPK’s budget compared to 2021. In 2022, KPK has been allotted IDR 1,343,222,899,000 – an increase of approximately IDR 300 billion over the 2021 budget,” elaborated Firli at the “Signing of the 2022 Performance Agreement” in front of KPK officials at Gedung Penunjang, Jakarta, Monday (1/10/2022).

Firli urges KPK’s personnel to make good use of the budget increase in preventing and eradicating corruption crimes in Indonesia.

He instructed KPK’s echelon I and echelon II officials to review the programs in their respective directorates, to set targets of achievement. “Thus, we will be able to deliver on work performance; the great work of Indonesians who work at KPK in order to eradicate corruption,” he said.

General (retd.) Firli inspired KPK’s Secretariat General and the Human Resources Bureau to go all out in managing KPK, particularly in terms of programs, budgets, facilities and infrastructure. “So KPK can be effective and efficient in corruption eradication,” he declared.

On that occasion, Firli revealed that KPK’s budget absorption in 2021 reached 95.7%, with the following details: 96.7% absorption in the Secretariat General, 87.5% in the Directorate of Education and Community Services, 90.2% in the Deputy for Prevention and Monitoring and 95.1% in the Deputy for Enforcement and Execution. The Deputy for Coordination and Supervision absorbed 93.3%, the Deputy for Information and Data 94.1%, the Inspectorate 82.1% and the Supervisory Board Secretariat 84.6%.

Firli believes the 2021 evaluation is a stepping stone for KPK to perform better in 2022, because the Commission will face more complex challenges than they did in 2021.

“The evaluation becomes fundamental as there are several remarks. The budget was not fully absorbed. There was IDR 12.2 million left over in personnel expenditures, IDR 19 billion in goods expenditures and IDR 5.3 billion in capital expenditures,” said Firli.

In 2021, the KPK’s budget ceiling was IDR 1.048 trillion. To support the acceleration of COVID-19 control and prevention, KPK has refocused IDR 256.9 billion, or 19.68%, of its total 2021 budget.

KPK claims to have saved the state and regional IDR 35.965 trillion in 2021, consisting of potentially uncollected local tax arrears of IDR 4.952 trillion, asset certification of IDR 11.222 trillion, asset recovery of IDR 10.318 trillion, and local asset recovery from public facilities, utilities and infrastructure of IDR 9.473 trillion. (eka)


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