The Airlangga-Andika Duo in the 2024 election: A great pairing?

Andika Perkasa
TNI’s Commander-in-Chief General Andika Perkasa. Photo: M. ASLAM IQBAL/IO

IO – Golkar Party’s Central Executive Board (DPP) is open to the possibility of a tag-team pairing of Golkar Chairman Airlangga Hartarto and current TNI’s Commander-in-Chief General Andika Perkasa in the 2024 presidential election. Golkar DPP Chairman Dave Laksono appraises the duo as a representation of the economy and defense fields. “It’s a great pairing, but let’s not make haste,” said Dave at the Golkar DPP office, Tuesday (1/11/2022).

Airlangga Hartarto.
Golkar Chairman Airlangga Hartarto. Photo: RAYI GIGIH/IO

“Our focus is now on Airlangga, increasing his electability, socializing him to the public. We haven’t yet thought about searching for other figures,” added Dave.

Dave considers Andika to be quite capable of comprehending and responding to various topical issues. He appraises the communication channel Andika has forged with other political parties as developing satisfactorily. When he is unable to personally attend to an invitation from a political party, he instead sends a representative – a gesture deemed as respectful and showing statesmanship. However, Dave did not want to discuss an Airlangga-Andika duo any further. “Gen. Andika has only been instated as Commander for two months. Let him focus on carrying out his duties first,” he said.

Dave states that Golkar still welcomes discussion related to the vice-presidential nomination. He divulged how Golkar has exchanged views with all political parties regarding the next presidential election.

Political observer from Al Azhar Indonesia University Ujang Komarudin appraises the potential duet of Golkar Chairman Airlangga Hartarto and TNI’s Commander-in-Chief Gen. Andika Perkasa in the upcoming 2024 presidential election as “challenging to realize”. He suggests Golkar should find a vice-presidential candidate with high electability to pair off with Airlangga.

According to several national polls, Airlangga’s electability as a presidential candidate is still relatively subdued, Ujang admitted. “Thus, the other figure should overcome Airlangga’s shortcomings in terms of electability.” (des)