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Indonesia’s OmniCal V2 Disguise Technology for Monas digital map projection


Jakarta, IO – V2 Indonesia, a subsidiary of PT M Cash Integration Tbk (IDX: MCAS), focuses on audio-visual solutions and future technological excellence (IoT, AI, VR, XR, AR, metaverse, and robotics). The company took the opportunity to participate in celebrating Jakarta’s anniversary and Pancasila Commemoration Day, at the National Monument, Jakarta, as well as “Monas Week”, from June 1 to 4, 2023. This year, V2 Indonesia and Disguise provided stunning digital graphic attractions through projection mapping technology all over Monas’ tablet.

V2 Indonesia utilized OmniCal, a Disguise technology, for the Monas projection mapping. V2 Indonesia, as the official Disguise partner in Indonesia, also processes digital image creation, programming, setting, converting, and rendering content. To achieve these attractive and comprehensive effects, V2 Indonesia and Disguise had to calibrate 16 projectors, placed throughout the National Monument, into one unit.

“It is both an honor and a challenge for V2 Indonesia to present video mapping at this year’s Monas Week. Disguise’s OmniCal system for the Monas projection mapping project is the first of its type to operate in Indonesia. V2 prepares a project with the widely used Disguise Designer program, which allows them to create projector and OmniCal studies, visualize, plan, and write projects with pixel-perfect accuracy, without having to be on-site. These systems allow V2 to perform calibrations in a very short period of time,” explained Rudi Hidayat, CEO of V2 Indonesia.

The weather, artificial lighting outside the Monas area, and unsuitable settings for 3D objects often restrict V2 Indonesia from performing its best work. However, the celebration went well, as V2 Indonesia and Disguise managed to provide stunning video mapping action for 2023 Monas Week visitors.

“Our biggest challenge in rendering a perfect video mapping of the Monas structure was that there were differences from the 3D model we received, but by using OmniCal, we were able to quickly calibrate the projection mapping without sacrificing quality or needing to remodel the surface in external software and recreating content,” explains Nicholas Chan, Disguise’s Southeast Asia Regional Manager.

The collaboration showcases V2 Indonesia as a local company capable of meeting a wide range of digital video mapping technology needs, both indoors and outdoors, with varying degrees of difficulty. V2 Indonesia intends to offer other remarkable video mapping projects in the future, including a presentation at the Ciputra Art Entrepreneur event, Rest 1945, Southeast Asia Bible Seminary, and collaborations with numerous colleges, including Bina Nusantara and government museums.

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Engaged since 1992, V2 Indonesia previously offered LED needs for various vertical markets including digital out-of-home (DOOH), digital signage, digital banners, kiosks, and Videotron in various shopping centers, offices, retail brands, the entertainment sector and others.

“We are proud to continue to provide technology applications in various industries. V2 Indonesia and Disguise will continue to develop Disguise OmniCal technology and Creative Video Mapping services in numerous industries around the country. V2 Indonesia is known as a company that provides the latest technological contributions, and we are prepared to take up this challenge to provide our best for our loyal consumers and the Indonesian people,” Rudi concluded. (des)


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