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Indonesian Photojournalist Association (PFI) Holds Exhibition Documenting Jakarta From Time to Time

Pewarta Foto Indonesia (PFI)
Pewarta Foto Indonesia (PFI)
Pewarta Foto Indonesia (PFI)
Pewarta Foto Indonesia (PFI)
Pewarta Foto Indonesia (PFI)
Pewarta Foto Indonesia (PFI)
Pewarta Foto Indonesia (PFI)
Pewarta Foto Indonesia (PFI)
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Jakarta, IO – A number of visitors looked at photographic works at the photography exhibition entitled “Rekam Jakarta 2023: Masa ke Masa” at the Emiria Soenassa Gallery, Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta, Monday (20/11).

The annual exhibition organized by the Jakarta branch of the Indonesian Photo Journalists Association (PFI) presents various visual records of Jakarta with all the events and changes in the period of 1998-2023. It will run until November 23.

The exhibition showcases 141 single photos and 15 story photos by 68 photojournalists who have been curated by senior photographers, Edy Purnomo and Yuniadhi Agung. They are responsible for selecting, arranging and arranging the works on display to create a strong and cohesive visual narrative in the exhibition.

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The series of photographs displayed in the exhibition are also arranged in book form which contains a visual narrative to explain the historical journey of human interaction with cities. This book can also be a reference that describes the evolution, transformation and dynamics of urban life as recorded through the photographic works.

The exhibition also features a series of additional activities, such as discussions on photography, portfolio reviews, photo walks, and exhibition tours to provide a more in-depth experience for visitors.

(IO/Septo Kun Wijaya)

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