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Indonesian Meatballs named among 50 most delicious dishes per Tasteatlas


Jakarta, IO – Meatball dish (bakso) from Indonesia have been named as one of the ’50 Best Meatballs in the World’ according to Tasteatlas, a travel guide website that often reviews and publishes lists of the most delicious foods from various countries.

Via its Instagram account @tasteatlas, Tuesday (3/10), it assessed 50 meatball dishes in the world. The results put fried meatballs in 14th place, followed by meatballs in 19th place.  Meanwhile, Solo-style meatball was ranked 28th.

On its website, Taste Atlas explains that the list of the tastiest meatballs is assessed through a series of mechanisms and is based on a local food perspective which also provides an added value to the food.

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TasteAtlas calls fried meatballs a crispy snack of Indonesian-Chinese origin. This fried version is a variant of meatballs, processed meatballs served in various restaurants and is popular with the public.

Meanwhile, Solo meatball and common meatballs are generally served in beef broth complemented by yellow noodles, vermicelli, fried onions, green vegetables or dumplings. (bp)


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