IO, Jakarta, July 23 2021 – The Alumni Association of Universitas Indonesia (ILUNI UI) strongly urges that the Four Pillars of UI that are entrusted in developing the university’s statute—with its pillars representing the university’s Board of Trustees (MWA), Rector Ari Kuncoro, University Academic Senate (SAU), and Council of Professors (DGB)—immediately provide clarification towards the polemic of UI’s Statute. The Chairman of ILUNI UI Andre Rahadian has stated that such clarification should be done quickly so that the polemic can be settled swiftly. “Should these four pillars be able to provide an explanation on the statute, then we can foster greater transparency, and in doing so, we hope that the public can be more receptive” said Andre during the press conference (23/07).

It is expressly wished that the Rector and MWA can provide an open line of communication which follows suit to the principles of openness and togetherness, therefore ensuring that democratic values are implemented among the academic body and within campus life whilst building on the basis of academia without needless uncertainty. “Should there be no immediate explanation from the Rector and MWA, then ILUNI UI will facilitate the views from UI’s community towards its statute. As a part of UI’s extended family, the advice and criticism from its alumni must be recognized without being perceived as challenging the Rector. This is done is so everyone can be able to move forward.” Andre emphasized.

Andre continued to reiterate that the stance provided by ILUNI UI is in alignment with the cultural values that is a guide to all layers within UI’s community, ranging from its lecturers, students, academic personnel, and the Board of Trustees (MWA) in terms of expected behaviors  and attitudes. This is seen through the Nine Cultural Values of UI, which comprise of the following: Honesty, Fairness, Trust, Integrity, Responsibility, Togetherness, Transparency, Academic Freedom and Compliance to the Rules. These cultural values is found in Article 2, Board of Trustees Decree No. 004 Year 2014 concerning Articles of Association of Universitas Indonesia.

Andre invites all those within the academic body of UI to act calmly and, in reference to the 9 values of UI, take the appropriate steps to protect the good name of UI as a center of knowledge and national culture. “The vision carried by UI as a leading center in knowledge, technology and culture has to be supported by the Board of Trustees, Rector, University Academic Senate and the Council of Professors” urged Andre.