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How to interpret today’s world model?


Jakarta, IO – In today’s unsettled world, Europe is flaming with anger, linked with the US through NATO, as it attempts to weaken Russia and suffers the consequences, Asia is meanwhile rife with flare-ups, border disputes, vast territorial claims by major powers as the Indo-Pacific states feel increasingly besieged by the People’s Republic of China. Although the phrases change, practically all strategists, critics, and diplomats have come to the same conclusion regarding today’s world structure: the new Cold War system, the conflict between the East and the West, the two camps, the bipolar world, and so on. 

This binary division reflects that the current world system is divided into two opposing forces that dominate the development of global affairs, with Europe and the United States on one hand and China and Russia on the other, with their respective member countries as the basis on their strength. 

There is no doubt that, following the decisive victory in the global anti-terrorism struggle and China’s rapid rise, the internal affairs, diplomatic interests, and goals of the two major powers, the United States and China, have begun to shift in opposite directions, as have the fundamental contradictions between the two major powers. Violent conflict begins to erupt. 

The conflict and hostility between the two big powers, the United States and China, has spread to other countries throughout the world. Different countries have begun to select sides around the United States and China, making the globe appear to be split, culminating in today’s two countries. 

The polarized world has not yet fully crystallized objectively, but two loose factions have begun to appear. Aside from the previously mentioned competition and confrontation between the United States and China, it should be noted that public opinion and mood in both the East and the West are growing increasingly antagonistic. Whether it is Pew or global public opinion polls, Western people have a typically unfavorable image of China. 

And the Chinese people are growing increasingly frustrated with the West’s oppression of China. The hostility of popular feeling has also heightened public opinion attacks on both sides. Many news stories have gone beyond providing objective facts, and there are more negative, offensive, and alarming remarks, which further develop the general public’s impression of Eastern and Western civilization, history, culture, Misconceptions and biases in politics, economics, and so on. 


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