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Beware of Online Sexual Exploitation


Jakarta, IO – Cyber child sexual abuse/ exploitation material (CSAM)/child pornography: images or videos of sexual abuse, or those focusing on child genitalia: child sexual activity materials created digitally without actual contact. 

Sexting: creation and distribution of sexually-tempting nude or nearly nude images, performed through cellphones or social networking; performed by one’s on initiative or because of peer request/pressure. This becomes a problem when the content is exposed, as it is legally defined as a crime. 

Online grooming for sexual purposes: maintaining a relationship with a child through the internet or other technology to facilitate online and offline sexual contact. Grooming can be performed by giving the child extra attention, gifts, or by psychological pressure or manipulation, providing deviant sexual education, desensitizing the child to sexual advances from the perpetrator. 

Sexual extortion: performing blackmail to obtain sexual content (photos/videos), to obtain money from the victim or to get the victim to have sex with them through online extortion. 60 % o f perpetrators meet their victims online (through social media networks); they threaten to publish the videos/photos given by the child to them. 

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Streaming of child sexual abuse: forcing a child to perform or be involved in sexual activity with themselves or with others, directly broadcast or published through the internet and watched by the people who ordered such a scene. Perpetrators or facilitators are generally family members or other persons close to the victim (neighbors, teachers) who make a deal about the time, date, and price for such disgusting displays.


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