Heineken® Good Times Town An Unforgettable Celebration at Pantjoran PIK for the Year of the Wooden Dragon


Jakarta, IO – Heineken®, the world’s number one premium beer, is taking part in the Jakarta Chinese New Year 2024 celebration this year, in anticipation of the Year of the Wooden Dragon. The Year of the Wooden Dragon is considered a dynamic and energetic period, holding significance for many, as a promising start towards achieving significant progress, both personally and on social and economic levels.

By embracing the theme “Cheers to Fresher Celebrations”, Heineken® introduces various captivating spots for visitors at the Pantjoran Pantai Indah Kapuk area, from 26th January to 25th February 2024. “Heineken® is excited to bring a unique touch to the celebration of Chinese New Year. With Heineken® Good Times Town, we aim to create memorable moments for everyone in Indonesia. The iconic Heineken® Dragon, expertly crafted from recycled Heineken cans collected at DWPXV, enhances the festive spirit in welcoming the Year of the Wooden Dragon,” explained Jessica Setiawan, Marketing Director of Multi Bintang Indonesia. 

The Heineken® Dragon landmark, stretching 15 metres, is crafted by utilising more than 8,800 recycled Heineken® cans and wooden pallets gathered during the DWPVX event at GWK Bali in December 2023. The collection of cans will also has a positive impact on the well-being of local artists in Bali. Through “Rice for Bali”, Heineken® donated 190 bags of rice, and these were distributed to the wives of artists spread throughout the North Bali region. 

This dragon icon is the result of a collaboration between Heineken® and Dimas Judhi Saputra, an artist from Jakarta, along with his team of 12 craftsmen. “Collaborating with Heineken® to build this dragon installation is a source of pride for me and my team. For approximately one month, together, we designed, constructed, and brought to life the dragon’s form, aiming for it to be the center of attention during the Chinese New Year celebration in the Pantjoran PIK area,” expressed Dimas Judhi Saputra, the artist. 

Heineken® Good Times Town at Pantjoran PIK is presented with an oriental ambiance, echoing the distinctive atmosphere found in the Pantjoran PIK area. Visitors can indulge in various delights, such as the angpao tree, featuring diverse Heineken® merchandise items, fortune reading, magic mirror photo engagement, and lively performances of LED Barongsai and UV Liong Barongsai. “Every year, we strive to provide an unforgettable experience, in celebrating the Chinese New Year. With the presence of Heineken® Good Times Town and the iconic dragon installation in Pantjoran PIK, it brings a new and vibrant atmosphere for the visitors,” expressed Elsa Sulaeman, Operational Manager Agung Sedayu Group. 

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Heineken® is only available for consumers aged 21 and above, and we advise consuming responsibly and not driving while consuming alcoholic beverages. Stay tuned for various exciting activities from Heineken® through our official Instagram page @Heinekenid. 

Let’s welcome the new beginnings with joy! Come visit Heineken® Good Times Town for an unforgettable Chinese New Year celebration in 2024. Cheers to Fresher Celebrations!. (des/ast)