Collaboration for the nation empowers MSMEs

Collaboration for the nation empowers MSMEs

IO – The pandemic in Indonesia is still not over. For more than a year the business world experienced a slowdown, with many companies forced to cut costs by reducing the number of employees. This was seen with almost all MSMEs in Indonesia. Due to this condition, finally, business and SME actors implemented drastic changes in the company’s internal structure, to survive. 

The Tangan di Atas Community, or what is often called TDA, one of the entrepreneurial communities in Indonesia, saw this as very concerning. So that the national administrators made breakthroughs that can then rebuild the hopes of Indonesian MSMEs, especially TDA members, to unite and rise. 

The Tangan di Atas Community, through the 6.0 management period in 2019 – 2021, has promoted COLLABORATION FOR THE COUNTRY. The TDA 6.0 management then strengthened the narrative to rebuild the Indonesian economy through MSME actors during the pandemic. Various programs have been carried out under the direct supervision of the President of TDA, Dony Kris Puriyanto. 

Through the narration and programs that have been implemented, the community has received 4 awards all at once. One of the most impressive awards was the “Best Social Media Movement of The Year 2020” in the Business Education category by Metro TV. During the pandemic, even before that, Tangan di Atas was very concerned about education. Business Education plays a very important role in developing SME business. 

On May 31, 2021, the handover from the 6.0 management to the 7.0 period with the new President Ibrahim M Bafaqih was held at Garden Sunrise Resto – Umbul Sidomukti, Semarang, and LIVE on the TDA TV YouTube Channel. 

The legacy of the 6.0 management is useful not only for TDA members, but also for Indonesia. Even TDA has been widely known by the audience of MSME actors throughout Indonesia, Central and Regional Governments. 

President of TDA period 7.0 Ibrahim M Bafaqih stated that “COLLABORATION FOR THE COUNTRY” was born and with this narrative finally brought TDA to be increasingly known with various programs such as TDA TV, business education and getting 4 awards at once. In the 7.0 period, we will continue the narrative “COLLABORATION FOR THE COUNTRY”. 

After TDA is widely known, the next task is how to strengthen it internally. In line with this, the president of TDA 7.0 will also reaffirm the values of TDA. Through the internalization of these values, it can become stronger and can build a strong entrepreneur identity in all conditions. 

“We will bring TDA back to its values – Connected, Integrity, Open Thinking, Action Orientation, and Life Balance are what we will emphasize in this period. TDA is located in 100 cities/districts and 6 overseas, with 25,000 members registered a with TDA Passport. Another thing we will bring is EMPOWERMENT by connecting resource nodes in TDA. When my business was down, many mentors volunteered to help so that my business could run until now,” said Baim. 

Hopefully, this narrative can strengthen us internally and externally to be able to support each other and grow in business. TDA is committed to continuing to contribute to Indonesia, by creating strong entrepreneurs.