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Blu by BCA Digital collaborates with Talenta Nusantara


Jakarta, IO – Blu by BCA Digital recently announced an innovative collaboration with Talenta Nusantara, the vocational social media platform, the blUnion. This collaborative platform was created for ease of accessing the non-formal educational and financial tools integrated in the Talenta Nusantara platform, for the purpose of producing for an intelligent, financially aware and competent new generation. 

According to the data collected by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology, our vocational schools continue to face multiple challenges in satisfying the needs of our industries. Such challenges include the gap between the readiness of vocational school graduates and the expected skill level of fresh graduates in the working world, the difficulty of creating a suitable curriculum in cooperation with businesses, and many others to ensure that our vocational schools can provide education that is in line with the current needs of the working world. 

As a vocational social media platform, Talenta Nusantara attempts to respond to the challenge, by providing a platform containing competence classes for various existing industries for vocational school students to participate in. Other than competence classes, the platform allows students to participate in skill competence exams, obtain competence certificates, and get apprenticeships in industries – all of which will serve as their foundation in the working world. Therefore, Blu by BCA Digital seeks to support access to these conveniences, by providing integrated financial tools for the platform, which allows member students to get financial literacy as well. 

Edwin Tirta, BCA Digital Head of Digital Business, declared that he is happy to be part of the initiative to provide wider, easier access to the quality non-formal education provided by Talenta Nusantara, by serving as the blUnion/Bank-as-a-Service app that complements Talenta Nusantara, providing a number of financial tools from Blu by BCA Digital. “The spirit of Blu’s collaboration with Talenta is our way to get Blu to become the financial buddy of the younger generation, a tool that helps them to plan their finances properly. For example, it can be used to help them allocate their budget for education and competence building, whether formally or non-formally,” he declared. 

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Blu by BCA Digital’s collaboration with Talenta Nusantara covers the integration of the Blu app into the Talenta Nusantara platform. In this way, Talenta Nusantara becomes a onestop solution for non-formal education issues. It also serves as a financial tool that helps vocational school students maintain their finances, starting from opening a banking account, saving money, to receiving and making payments digitally. Blu by BCA Digital also supports Talenta Nusantara’s educational programs by providing education relating to the use of the app’s financial features to teachers and students to generate new, financially-savvy generations. 

Adrianus Yose Rino, Talenta Nusantara Program Director, expressed his joy over the collaboration with Blu by BCA Digital as Talenta Nusantara official banking partner platform. “We think that as one of the most respected digital banks in Indonesia, Blu by BCA Digital shares our mission: to generate positive outcome through the education industry in Indonesia,” he said. (Eka)


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