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Unique traditional noodle making: Mie Lethek

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Jakarta, IO – Noodle dishes are inseparable from Indonesian cuisine. The country has an assorted variety of noodles available across the archipelago, different in shapes and spices. One of Indonesia’s traditional noodles is

(lethek noodle), a popular noodle dish from Bantul made from tapioca or cassava flour. 

Independent Observer visited a mie lethek factory of Garuda brand in Bantul, Yogyakarta Province on Apr 25. The Garuda factory has preserved the old noodle-making tradition for decades. 

The noodle factory located in Bendo Trimurti Hamlet, Srandakan, Sawahan, Trimurti, Bantul, is equipped with skilled workers and, uniquely, bull power in its production process. The bulls help move a cylinder weighing around 1 ton, which is the main tool for mixing the noodle ingredients. 

The workers will take turns mixing the dough, which consists of tapioca and cassava flour. The mixing is done six times a day to ensure product quality. 

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The preserved traditional noodle-making method has enabled the Bendo Noodle Factory, established since the 1940s, to display its excellence. Despite a threat from rapidly changing technology, the factory remains competitive with modern mie lethek factories. 

Mie lethek Bendo has become a noodle of choice, which is unique to Bantul and Yogyakarta, due to its unique production and high quality. Mie lethek is more than just noodles, but a legendary cultural heritage.

(IO/Faisal Ramadhan)

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