Wednesday, September 27, 2023 | 14:40 WIB

Gov’t Allows Foreign Nationals to Own Property in Indonesia to Spur National Economy


Jakarta, IO – The government allows foreign citizens to own property in Indonesia. The requirements are easy, only by using a passport and visa.

This was stipulated through the issuance of Government Regulation (PP) 18/2021 on Management Rights, Land Rights for Flats Units and Land Registration, per Liputan6, Wednesday (16/8).

Rusmin Lawin, deputy chair of the Indonesian Real Estate Companies Association (DPP REI), said that foreign interest in buying property in Indonesia is quite high. He considered this policy positive to boost the country’s economy.

He also responded to those who said the policy was an attempt to sell state assets. Rusmin refuted this view because according to him, what was being sold was potential that would actually benefit the state.

“Allowing foreigners to purchase property does not mean selling out the country. We are selling the country’s economic potential with incoming investment and job creation opportunities,” explained Rusmin.

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Furthermore, Rusmin viewed the decision was actually in line with Indonesia’s desire to attract foreign investors to do business in Indonesia. He believed that now is the right time to intensify property purchases for foreigners in Indonesia.

“We welcome them, but they are confused about where to live, they can’t possibly rent it continuously for so many years, of course they also want to have a permanent place to live,” he said. (un)


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