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BIN proposed operating budget adds in Foreign Intelligence


IO, Jakarta – The State Intelligence Agency (BIN ) has conducted a meeting with Committee I of the Parliament (DPR). Head of BIN Budi Gunawan said that his team had discussed BIN’s yearly program to the 2020 state budget. “(The meeting) regarding the budget was to evaluate BIN’s budget ceiling for BIN’s 2019 yearly program, and the yearly planning for our 2020 program. Secondly, the meeting discussed several problems existing today, “said Budi after a meeting at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (02/12/2020). 

During the meeting, Budi also proposed an additional budget allotment. The goal, he explained, is to improve performance on certain intelligence operations. “There are proposals related to the budget ceiling and also several proposals for additional budgets in order to improve the performance and relations of certain intelligence operations,” he said. 

Budi did not explain in detail what programs would require additional budget expenditures, saying only that the program was related to strengthening intelligence operations abroad. “Some of our activities are related to strengthening foreign intelligence operations, for example. Since the budget is still very minimal for that matter, it needs to be supported with an additional sum,” he declared. 

Budi explained that the additional budget was merely a proposal. He handed everything over to the DPR so that it will be adjusted to the state finances. “Regarding our proposal, nothing can be decided yet because it’s the DPR that has budgetary authority; all dynamics regarding this situation will depend on the state’s financial condition,” Budi concluded. (dan) 


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