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Batik as the strength of Indonesia’s diplomacy


Jakarta, IO – Indonesia is an archipelagic country rich in natural, human and cultural resources. With its diverse cultures, Indonesia is able to produce various local wisdoms in various regions, one of which is the art of batik. Batik is a form of artistic cultural expression that has a philosophical meaning in every style and motif with its existence at that time batik received world recognition as an original work of Indonesian culture by one of the UN special agencies UNESCO. With this acknowledgment, of course, it will have a positive impact on the Indonesian people from the recognition it is able to raise the spirit of their sense of nationalism towards the love of batik as a work of Indonesian cultural art. Batik is an original Indonesian product that is artistically beautiful and the process of making it. Indonesian batik is one of the oldest drawing arts in the world. So what is cyclical in a batik cloth has a very deep meaning, which contains a very high philosophical and meaning. 

In general, the term batik is an illustration of decorative motifs on fabrics, the technique of which is to use the dyeing process or commonly considered as a barrier or night dyeing process as a color barrier, followed by a color dyeing process using synthetic dyes, also with natural dyes. The process of batik is a means to meditate which is motivated by a traditional philosophy with high charisma, imbued with the value of harmony and majesty, both in the outer order and in the meaning of the spiritual order. But if you look deeper from the cultural point of view, a batik is not only beautiful and valuable from the outside, but inside it contains unique motifs and is very deep in meaning and philosophy for human life. The meaning and philosophy above generally consists of the content of educational sciences, such as morals, ethics, morals, human-human correlation, human-God correlation and so on. 

All batik motifs are created with various intentions and good wishes. none of them have bad goals and hopes. however, each motif has its own use, when it should be used. socialization of the form of ornament is also necessary so that when using it avoid embarrassing mistakes, for example using it in an inverted position. Value is an abstraction from a set of behavior or behavior that is carried out by someone. Values are divided into various kinds, one of the values inherent in a person is a moral value. What is meant by moral values is a form of objective illustration of the truth side that is carried out by someone in a social environment. 


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