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Batik as the strength of Indonesia’s diplomacy


Batik as the strength of Indonesia’s diplomacy
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In this era of globalization, diplomacy between countries continues to develop, in contrast to the era of globalization previously that made hard power the strength and influence of a country. Public diplomacy is one of the developing diplomacy in this globalization era.where the form of communication between countries is not only established through the government but covers more broadly, namely government to society. Compete with other countries such as South Korea with K-Pop music and Thailand with gastrodiplomacy namely introduce their culture through food. The spread of nation branding is also necessary this is done in order to spread that batik is Indonesian culture. 

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The author supports research in explaining public diplomacy by its relationship with other variables, then about how public diplomacy and the nation branding becomes a link in the government to build the country’s image. The Public Diplomacy of Emerging Powers Part: The Case of Indonesia by Ellen Huijgh, at the beginning explained that public diplomacy was used to improve international image started in the West during the cold war and attracted attention in Asia since the 1990s. Indonesia’s reputation internationally had collapsed due to the crisis economy in 1988. However, after the crisis Indonesia rose again become a dynamic country with a strong economy. But Indonesia is still not can overcome problems such as infrastructure, corruption and bureaucracy that hinder in the future so that it affects Indonesia in increasing its profile international Indonesian public diplomacy is characterized as; give and accept by democratizing international policy, coexistence with Islam, democracy and modern society and its “intermestic” ( approach between international and domestic).

Silvia Jultikasari Febrian is a student of International Relations at Universitas Islam Indonesia . She has a keen interests in international relations, research. technology, science, and social – culture.


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