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Batik as the strength of Indonesia’s diplomacy


Batik as the strength of Indonesia’s diplomacy
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This definition of moral enlightenment is in accordance with various discussions of the explanation of moral terms, for example in Greek “Etika”, Arabic “Akhlak” , and in Indonesian “Kesusilaan” Batik motifs have their own philosophy and meaning. This is because the motifs on the batik cloth are created according to the beliefs of the people who come from the batik cloth. Some motifs on batik cloth are also said to only be used by the royal or royal family in ancient times. This is of course because of the unsynchronized philosophy that comes from batik cloth and can be used by all circles. The existence of its own philosophy and meaning in batik cloth makes this cloth not just a cloth used to cover the body, but has a deep meaning for human beings. There are several types of Indonesian batik that have deep meaning and philosophy and have a high artistic taste. 

The government’s efforts to promote batik nationally is one of the first step in promoting batik internationally. In government President Soeharto in 1994, the government had promoted batik by giving batik to the heads of state who were present at APEC which was held in Jakarta. However, batik at that time was not yet popular among the people. The promotion carried out by the government is also not as much as after the recognition from UNESCO. After batik became increasingly popular in the country, the government continued to carry out promotion internationally. In carrying out international promotions, there are efforts made by the government such as holding a batik exhibition at the Indonesian Embassy in Jakarta Washington D.C., United States in 2011, an exhibition themed “Indonesia Batik: World Heritage” was held to appreciate cultural heritage and introduce batik which has become a world cultural heritage. 


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