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The 2022 Literacy Festival: a collaboration of Sampoerna Academy and Jakarta Library


Jakarta, IO – In honoring International Literacy Day and Love Reading Month, Sampoerna Academy and Jakarta Library decided to collaborate in presenting the 2022 Literacy Festival, in an effort to create “smarter Indonesians” by raising literacy levels and increasing reading interest among a younger Indonesian generation. 

Literacy development is a vital foundation of children’s learning and their overall development. Reading plays an important role in cognitive learning and language development in children aged 6-12 years. A strong literacy level will help children face future challenges, as literacy allows more opportunities into new worlds, expands children’s minds, provides different perspectives, and creates knowledgeable and competent individuals to compete in the future. 

Sampoerna Academy has proven its commitment to consistently providing world-class education in Indonesia. Sampoerna Academy regularly organizes a Literacy Festival every year to raise interest in reading among the younger generation. For this year’s Literacy Festival, Sampoerna collaborated with the Jakarta Library, holding the Elidi and The Ancestor’s Garden book — published in the previous year as an e-book— launching, and Storytelling Session with Kak Awam Prakoso. 

The National Principal of Sampoerna Academy L’Avenue, Wulan Septiandari, explained that the collaboration would certainly grow children’s literacy. “We believe that we share the same mission with Jakarta Library in growing literacy in Indonesia. Reviving the library and adding a good book collection will create a bigger impact in opening access to literacy and strengthening Indonesian children’s literacy level. For this reason, we provide 30 copies of Elidi and The Ancestor’s Garden book to read at the Jakarta Library,” explained Wulan. 


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