Monday, July 15, 2024 | 20:51 WIB

Baim Wong backtracks to patent Citayam Fashion Week


Jakarta, IO – Baim Wong’s intention to make Citayam Fashion Week (CFW) trendier has foundered as members of the public accused him of trying to profit from the viral street fashion show.

“So we [my company] want to abandon our plan, we don’t want it to turn out like this, we have no intention of doing [taking advantage of] it. We also thought that the patent registration would be made together with them. But instead of prolonging the controversy, I say we just cancel it,” said Baim Wong via his YouTube account, Tuesday (26/7).

“Many people have been disappointed when they heard the news. But we only want to make this a big event and the proceeds will be all of them,” explained Baim.

Baim conveyed his intention directly to Bonge, one of the more famous CFW models during a visit to his house in Cilebut. He showed him Rp500 million in a suitcase to fund larger CFW events. Baim hopes to facilitate the Bojong Gede-Citayam teenagers to channel their creativity in the fashion world.


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