Baim Wong backtracks to patent Citayam Fashion Week

Citayam Fashion Week (CFW) has become a viral phenomenon. (Source: Kumparan)

“The intention is to develop young people so they can be more creative. We want to invite those who have a voice, we want to make the event an extraordinary event. God willing, it will become an annual event,” explained Baim.

Previously, Baim through his company PT Tiger Wong registered Citayam Fashion Week with the Law and Human Rights Ministry as an entertainment company engaged in fashion shows and podcasts. This application was received on July 20.

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According to the Directorate General of Intellectual Property spokesperson Irma Mariana, Baim’s application is still a long way to be approved.

“It still needs to go through a number of stages, we are still far from being able to determine whether the trademark can be granted or not,” Irma told Detik. (rr)