2021 DisruptED Conference to support teaching staff

Speakers at the 2021 DisruptED conference. (Photo: SWA)

IO, Jakarta The pandemic has contributed to major changes to the Indonesian education system. More than 60 million students are required to study at home as teaching staff must deliver learning materials through the digital realm. Research results from the Ministry of Education and Culture in August 2020 report that teaching staff still have difficulty managing distance learning, due to limited capabilities of information technology and communication access. A UNESCO survey in May 2020 also showed 66% of Indonesian students felt uncomfortable and unmotivated during distance learning and could potentially suffer anxiety and depression.

“We are entering an era of educational disruption where all lines must  dare  to  leave  their  comfort zone to find innovative and solution strategies. Continuing Sampoerna University’s commitment as one of the innovators of higher education in Indonesia and reflecting on the success of last year’s event, we are again  presenting  the  DisruptED Conference as a space for discussion and sharing of insights on educational technology innovation,” said Dr. Marshall Schott, President of  Sampoerna  University,  when opening the virtual education technology conference “2021 DisruptED:  Before  Corona  (BC)  to  After Disease (AD)” which was held on February 5-8.

DisruptED has entered its second year, open to the public and free of charge. This year, there are more than 30 speakers, divided into four types of sessions. To optimize the absorption of material and information, 95% of the speakers use Indonesian and the rest have provided translated texts. Also, all materials will be uploaded on an open platform so that they can be accessed by teaching staff who need them.

Also  supporting  Sampoerna University’s  commitment,  Jane Ross, Jakarta International School STEAM Coach, was present for the second time as a speaker in one of the Special Barista sessions: Developing  Content  for  VR  (Oculus Quest First Steps), “I am happy to be here again to discuss solutions in  creating  innovative  teaching strategies  with  educator  friends.

Especially amid this challenging situation, we must always be prepared for various transformations. I hope that through 2021 DisruptED I can help educators improve the quality of online learning and develop learning content through the STEAM approach, so that students get a more interesting and immersive learning experience,” said Ms. Ross.

A similar statement was conveyed by one of the webinar speakers, Meilani Hendrawidjaja, Co-Founder of Kode Kiddo, “Technology has played an important role in the development of industries, one of which is in supporting the future advancement of our education. I am very excited to join this year’s DisruptED conference to inspire and support Indonesian educators to be more courageous in taking an active role in educational innovation for the more advanced generations of the future.”

Manoharan Karthigasu, Head of CETL Sampoerna University, hopes that 2021 DisruptED can support and help to teach staff, providers, observers, and education activists to be ready to face the new future of Indonesian education by utilizing technology and creativity as important instruments in educational activities. Further information can be accessed at http://disrupted. id/. (est)