OSMO Creates Positive and Interactive Screen Time For Children Using Proprietary Reflective Artificial-Intelligence Technology that Fosters Quality Bonding For Parents and Children


Jakarta, February 18th 2021 – We often see our kids so immersed in their gadgets that they essentially alienate themselves out from the world and sadly, from their families. This phenomenon is certainly worsened during this pandemic where families prefer to stay at home and parents need to constantly figure out new ways to keep their children occupied and entertained. Government’s regulation about school-from-home is not helpful either to that end.

Highly regarded as a Top-3 Cutting edge Tech Gifts of 2020 For age children internationally, the well- known Osmo edutech learning system finally arrived and officially launched in Indonesia. This year, Osmo is also recognized as one of the Best Tech Toys of 2021. Osmo is a revolution in education children in the age of 3 to 12 years, integrating proprietary reflective artificial intelligence (AI) technology with physical device that is played directly with their hands and senses. Osmo’s cutting- edge reflective AI technology has also proven itself by winning the Best AI-based Solution for Education Award in the US. Through its simple yet fun way, Osmo delivers education to children in an interactive and well-proven technology solution that is both enjoyable for children and for parents.

Dian Asa Sinaga, Osmo’s representative and exclusive distributor in Indonesia, states that “Osmo addresses our major concern as parents on our children’s gadget screen time, while delivering high- quality education materials. By combining the digital realm and physical reality, our children receive active brain stimulations for their critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. The incredible thing is that Osmo delivers real materials on the core school subjects of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) but it is packaged in such an interactive and exciting for our children.”

Dian further explains that “Osmo is designed by an expert team under the leaderships of ex-Google engineers, Pramod Sharma and Jerome Scholler, in their headquarter in Palo Alto, California, and they have received a long list of awards and recognitions from Time Magazine as one of the Best Inventions, Parents’ Choice Magazine’s Gold Award, as well as the highly prestigious world-famous Platinum Award from Oppenheim Toy Portfolio For age the most innovative and engaging new products, and the Toy of the Year Award Finalist in the United States. Just recently, the most famous toy store in England, Hamleys, picked Osmo as the Top Toys for Christmas 2020 last year.” Further, Osmo also formed official partnerships with Disney and Mattel. It is already sold in over 40 countries worldwide and Osmo is already implemented in more than 31,000 classrooms from all over the world. In Amazon.com and Amazon.com.uk, Osmo products have attracted thousands of customers reviews with remarkable 4-5-star ratings.

On the 18th February, Osmo held its Grand Launching Event in Indonesia, marked with an engaging talk show attended by few passionate figures and expert in education and children’s growth: Dian Asa Sinaga as the representative and exclusive distributor of Osmo, Lukas Kailimang as a psychology and education expert and alumnus of Ed.M. Harvard Graduate School of Education, Nucha Bachri as the

Co-Founder from the popular site Parentalk.id and Podcaster of @curhatbapakibu, as well as a prominent public figure/ influencer in the subject, and Michelle Hadipranoto as a well-known young model and influencer with a long list of achievements.

“Aside from delivering the education on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math), Osmo directly teaches children in other tangible skills like reading skill, identifying phonics, arithmetic, communication, entrepreneurship, creativity, hand-and-eye motoric coordination, as well as other education subjects. Our children should not look at gadget screens without active mindful interactions as they would be when they watch TV or play regular online games. In contrast, Osmo teaches them to think creatively in finding solutions in an immersive and interactive games. Another invaluable aspect is that Osmo actually strengthens the bonds between children and parents, which are fostered during their interactions and communications together. Today, Osmo started by introducing nine (9) education games in Indonesia and two (2) add-on accessories. We will introduce a few more Osmo games this year,” said Dian.

Osmo Indonesia has opened its official stores in top e-commerce in Indonesia e.g., Tokopedia, Shopee, Blibli, and JD.id, to open immediate access to customers across the country. Since the pre-order period in December 2020, Osmo products have been enjoyed by Indonesian customers in various cities in Jabodetabek, Surabaya, Bandung, Bali, Tarakan, Balikpapan, Pekanbaru, and Mataram in Nusa Tenggara Barat. Osmo is currently in active discussions with a few major offline retail partners to introduce Osmo with live product demonstrations. Osmo is now present in Books & Beyond flagship store in Lippo Mall Puri, Jakarta.

David Kartono, the AVP of Business at Tokopedia, states that “Nowadays parents in Indonesia have direct access to Osmo edutech learning system through their Official Store in Tokopedia.” David further emphasizes that, “This collaboration with Osmo is a great example of Tokopedia’s commitment to #SelaluAdaSelaluBisa in simplifying people’s lives and that includes supporting families to provide high-quality childhood education through Osmo during this pandemic lock-down situation.”

Lukas Kailimang, who is also the Managing Partner from Kartika Strategic Education Solution (“K- SES”), an education management and strategy consulting organization that focuses on transforming education in Indonesia, admits that “Play time has an invaluable role in children’s growth and education, however our culture tends to differentiate play time from learning time. Osmo presents an innovative solution for our children by integrating learning and play time in an interactive and yet positive way. It is truly unfortunate to see that there are too many social media or toys that our children are so immersed in today are either non-interactive in nature or just for pure entertainment. This helps to explain how bad habits like gadget-dependency or addiction in children could emerge. So, when I was introduced to Osmo, I am very pleased to see Osmo launched in Indonesia. As a toy as well as education technology tool, I can say that Osmo is the best edutainment for children in Indonesia.”


About Osmo

Osmo was developed since 2013 by ex-Google engineers, Pramod Sharma and Jerome Scholler, in Palo Alto who are committed to invent a toy that can inspire the young generation, while at the same time answering the concerns of parents in the potential bad impact from gadget addictions. Starting from 2014, three games from Osmo, called NewtonTangram, and Words, were launched and received wide praises from parents, teachers, experts, and academics as well as Osmo’s biggest and most important critics, the children themselves.


Until today, Osmo has been awarded by various institutions as the Best Invention from Time Magazine, winner of the Parents’ Choice Award, and successfully won the prominent Platinum Award from the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio in 2018, made it to Amazon’s Hot List two years in a row in 2019 and 2020, and Osmo was also selected as the 2016 finalist for Toy of the Year in the United States. Winner Selected as the Christmas Toy of 2020 by Hamleys, dubbed as the most popular toy store in the United Kingdom, Osmo is already distributed in over 40 countries (such as Amerika, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, UK, Korea, etc.), has been implemented in over 31,000 classrooms in the world, as well as 2.5 million households worldwide.

Tangible Play, the Silicon Valley company behind Osmo, has their headquarter in Palo Alto, California, the United States. The company is also regarded as the Most Innovative Companies 2017 by the magazine, Fast Company. Key advantages of Osmo include:

·         Osmo turns screentime into a positive and interactive experience. By merging the digital screen and hands-on play, children receives an active brain stimulation, and in turn exercises their right brain development which is crucial for critical thinking and roblem-solving skills. Osmo is a revolutionary learning system which replaces passive learning from watching TV or only pressing icons on the screen, thus replacing negative screentime and turn the whole experience into a positive and interactive one – such is the main concept of Osmo.

·         Osmo provides a super fun and high quality bonding time that can be enjoyed together by the whole family, instead of taking away family time like many other programs.

·         Osmo teaches motoric skills & hand-eye coordination, which is crucial in early childhood education, and cannot be achieved by any other game apps.

·         Osmo has an incredible feature called the Osmo Parent App, whereby parents can track their children’s progress, how they are doing in the games, which levels have they completed, how long have they been playing, etc.



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