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WIR Group wins 2023 Best Corporate Secretary Award


Jakarta, IO – WIR Group (PT WIR ASIA Tbk), a leading immersive technology and web3 company focusing on Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Blockchain in Southeast Asia, has been awarded the Best Corporate Secretary Award in the software category at the 2023 Indonesia Best Corporate Secretary Awards, hosted by The Iconomics on December 15, 2023, in Jakarta. Following a rigorous 1 year and 9 months of assessment, The Iconomics monitored the media coverage tone regarding WIR Group’s Corporate Secretary on a national scale, which resulted in highly positive coverage, reflecting the company’s dedication to balancing its internal and external needs. 

WIR Group’s Corporate Secretary demonstrates effective management and corporate governance while staying compliant with regulations. The award recognizes WIR Group’s Corporate Secretary’s excellence in creating a business environment based on transparency, accountability, proactive management and anticipation of risks. 

“The Corporate Secretary plays an important role in corporate governance and also manages the dynamics of the company’s open businesses and its evolving technology demand. The Corporate Secretary is at the forefront of ensuring the company operates in accordance with ethical norms, policies, and applicable legal regulations. The Corporate Secretary serves as a key player in creating long-term positive value for the company, as the company, which consists of the Board of Directors, company management, and shareholders, puts high expectations on us,” stated the Corporate Secretary of WIR Group, Ira Yuanita. 

“This award is tangible evidence of WIR Group’s commitment to excellence and professionalism in corporate management. WIR Group has successfully won this prestigious award for being efficient and innovative. We are putting out our efforts to enhance corporate secretariat standards,” added Ira. 

The Corporate Secretary is in charge of arranging and coordinating board meetings, as well as fostering open communication and keeping accurate records of corporate governance operations. Furthermore, the Corporate Secretary contributes to the organization’s ethical practices and corporate responsibility by establishing a culture of transparency and accountability. 

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In technology companies, the Corporate Secretary significantly navigates complicated and dynamic technological advances. WIR Group’s Corporate Secretary maintains a commitment to staying upto-date on industry developments, reviewing any regulatory implications and advising executives and the Board of Directors on strategic decisions. 

WIR Group extended its gratitude to The Iconomics for the award and will continue to create long-term value for the firm, stakeholders, and the community. (des)


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