UNS alumni ready to synergize to advance the Faculty of Medicine

UNS FK Alumni support the accreditation of the faculty. (photo: UNS Public Relations)

IO. Jakarta – The Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Faculty of Medicine (FK) Alumni Family in the Greater Jakarta region held a “Meet the Alumni” event in the Mintohardjo Naval Hospital Multipurpose Building, Jakarta on Sunday (13/01/2019).

With the theme “Synergy and Acceleration of UNS FK Alumni’s Role”, the alumni committed themselves to working together to advance the interests of the faculty. The agreement was made in a coordination meeting held after the “Meet the Alumni” event.

The event was attended by doctors from UNS, ranging from its first class graduates to those of its recent class in the Greater Jakarta area. Around 150 doctors from the class of 1997 to the class of 2010 attended the event, with UNS FK Vice Dean of Student and Alumni Affairs dr. Paramasari Dirgahayu, Ph.D., and UNS FK Alumni Family Head dr. Sri Pratomo, Sp.B. also attending.

In her opening speech, Dr. Paramasari stated that currently there were 5,978 UNS FK graduates, spread across Indonesia; some held strategic positions in the country.

“The presence of these alumni very much helps UNS in various aspects. As a result, there needs to be an improvement in communication and synergy through joint activities for UNS FK and students in the form of social programs and collaboration between alumni with the UNS FK alma mater,” said dr. Paramasari.

The alumni event was followed by a coordination meeting which resulted in a number of pacts. The UNS FK Alumni Family agreed to strengthen coordination and communication in supporting the advancement of UNS FK concretely.

“UNS FK alumni will help the employment of UNS FK fresh graduates in the working world, both in internships and after internships. Support UNS FK students who are underprivileged financially and in infrastructure. Support the AUN QA 2019 accreditation of UNS FK,” she added.

UNS FK alumni are ready to concretely support the process of UNS FK’s accreditation, as needed. They are also available as sources and for networking as an exercise of the UNS FK’s principles in education, research, and public service. They will also support the strengthening and branding of UNS FK alumni through strategic integrated program development electronically/digitally.

Other than strengthening coordination and communications, UNS FK alumni are committed to working and serving in their fields to reach their highest career levels and make an impact on the national and international level as a form of pride towards their alma mater. (UNS Public Relations)