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UNESCO gives “yellow card” to Lake Toba, Global Geopark status at risk to be revoked


Jakarta, IO – UNESCO has issued a warning to Lake Toba regarding the lack of action and management carried out by the authorities. Thus, the Global Geopark status it holds is at risk to be revoked.

According to its official website, Saturday (16/9), UNESCO has carried out a thorough revalidation which is routine every four years. As a result, UNESCO gave green cards to 29 destinations and five others received yellow cards, including Lake Toba.

This means that the management must meet the standards given by UNESCO within two years.  If this is not fulfilled, a red card will be given, which means the Lake Toba’s Global Geopark status will be revoked.

In response, Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Uno said this was a strong warning for Indonesia.

“The yellow card is a wake-up call for all of us to ensure that we can protect this extraordinary caldera lake so that it can retain its UNESCO Global Geopark status,” said Sandiaga, per Detikcom.

Sandiaga also asked relevant parties to immediately improve the situation according to the standards set by UNESCO. He emphasized that definite steps must be prepared and implemented optimally to maintain the status.

UNESCO has provided recommendations that can be implemented in the form of increasing research-based educational activities. Next, to revitalize and optimize the management body.

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The management arning needs to understand and implement the principles set by UNESCO Global Geopark. Lastly, there is a need to increase visibility and awareness such as monuments and information panels so that visitors will know that they are in Lake Toba Caldera Geopark area.

Lake Toba has been included in the UNESCO Global Geopark list since 31 August 2020. The ​​pride of the North Sumatran people has also been designated as one of five super priority tourist destinations since 15 July 2019. (bp)


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