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Iwan Fals, Indonesia’s legendary musician – Includes tree planting within contracts


Jakarta, IO – Gaung Merah presents a program to honor legendary Indonesian works, from music and movies to gastronomic delights. Through the “Gaung Merah SeGALAnya” event, which will take place in ten cities, this platform will be dedicated to sparking enthusiasm and encouraging future generations. The event will begin on September 16 in Medan, and continue onward to Pekanbaru, Tangerang, Karawang, Bandung, Lampung, Bekasi, Semarang, Malang, and Makassar. 

Legendary Indonesian musician Iwan Fals has been honored as the main performer for the Gaung Merah SeGALAnya event. Iwan Fals, known for his persistent musical journey and generating outstanding works, offers a spirit of courage to those listening to his songs. “I have around 500 songs with different themes; I still don’t know which ones I will sing later,” said Iwan at a news conference on Thursday, September 7, at Pos Bloc Jakarta. 

“Traveling to ten cities in Indonesia will allow me to keep in touch with legacy music fans on a regular basis. I am overjoyed to collaborate with Gaung Merah and to be on stage to rekindle the musical spirit. I hope that my performance will be an unforgettable moment,” Iwan remarked. 

Up until now, Iwan has stayed humble and questioned why he was often dubbed a legendary musician. “I just do what I love doing, and God makes the way,” he added. He is grateful to have his family and friends as his support system. 

Iwan always tries to stay active. “It is important to always move. I still do my karate practice, as I am now Deputy Chair of the Wadokai College Teachers’ Council. I will also take the time to contact Wadokai administrators in these cities,” he added. For Iwan, karate helps to improve his knees and waist. 

The “Gaung Merah SeGALAnya” event will not only be about performing music and entertainment, but will also involve the planting of 1958 trees, as Iwan is also known for his concern for the environment. “After witnessing the 1982 deforestation, I created the song “Isi Rimba Tak Ada Tempat Berpijak Lagi.” I was moved by the incident, and based on my wife’s suggestion, I have included a tree planting agenda in every contract I sign,” he recalls. 

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The Gaung Merah SeGALAnya event will take place in a large outdoor setting. “This event will include multiple musical performances by Iwan Fals, T-KOES Band, and G-Pluck The Beatles, as well as thematic installations from various legendary films and favorite legendary Indonesian culinary choices. There will be games, picture booths, and other unforgettable experiences,” explained Fabio Junot Ardelto, the representative of Gaung Merah. 

Presenting a red guitar to Iwan Fals by Gaung Merah will be an important highlight at this collaborative event, as support for Iwan Fals to keep creating inspiring works for future generations. “The guitar is called Gibo, and as a symbol of the everlasting spirit, Gaung Merah will also contribute over 1000 Damar tree seedlings, 700 Jati Mas tree seedlings, 200 Moringa tree seedlings, and 58 Gayam tree seedlings, to symbolize the year 1958. “We hope that Gaung Merah All will draw visitors’ enthusiasm to this event,” he said. (rp)


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