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The irresistible Titi DJ and Laufey at the 2023 Java Jazz Festival


Jakarta, IO – Indonesian music lovers welcomed the 2023 Java Jazz Festival with excitement. The Jakarta International Expo in Kemayoran, Jakarta, has been buzzing with enthusiasm since the first day of the Festival. The event lasted from June 2 to 4, 2023. Music fans flocked to the venue a few hours before the performance began. 

The Java Jazz lineup has been eagerly anticipated, as this is its 18th year. Java Jazz not only attracts domestic music fans, but it also frequently attracts overseas tourists. Java Jazz Festival lovers mingled and blended despite their various music preferences. They looked excited to prepare and decide which stage to watch. 

Titi DJ

The Java Jazz Festival, as in previous years, features a lineup of the top cross-genre musicians. This year, they included 12 gorgeous stages with 180 performances for the whole three days of the event, including both Indonesian and international performers. Stephen Sanchez, The Chicago Experience, Stacey Ryan and Laufey are among the international musicians performing, along with Indonesians Ardhito Pramono, Teza Sumendra, Ariel Noah and Rizki Febian. Legendary divas Titi DJ and Vina Panduwinata also performed at the yearly event. 

Titi DJ’s stunning stage act 

Titi DJ was a surprisingly pleasant addition to the show. The diva’s lovely voice astounded the listeners. Titi DJ began her concert with older tunes. Her ten hits, including “Dunia Boleh Tertawa,” “Jangan Berhenti Mencintaiku,” and “Separuh Hidupku,” kicked off her show, which was received positively by the audience. 


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