Sha-Biru Single-use soap bar awarded at Enotech 2021

Sha-Biru Single-use soap bar awarded at Enotech 2021
Photos: UNS

Solo, IO – Khairum Bannaati Ahmad, Cornelya Venny Wijaya, and Fatimah Az Zahra, students of March Eleventh University Solo Faculty of Agriculture’s Agribusiness Study Program, Class of 2019, won Second Place in the Enotech 2021 Business Plan Competition held by Jember University Faculty of Agriculture Engineering’s Agricultural Industrial Technology Students’ Association, with their single-use organic bar soap, the “Sha-Biru”.

As we know, people’s activity and mobility are slowly recovering during the current new normal era. Despite slower rates of transmission, Covid-19 is still around us and we all must therefore maintain health protocols to avoid catching the virus. Among the tools we need to ensure the smoothness of health protocols no matter where we go are face masks, soap, and hand sanitizer. Therefore, Khairum and co. submitted a business plan titled “Developing an Agropreneur Generation with Competitive Power in order to Face National Economic Challenges during the Pandemic” meant to help people comply with health protocols, specifically in terms of washing hands with soap.

Sha-Biru Single-use soap bar awarded at Enotech 2021
Khairum Bannaati Ahmad, Cornelya Venny Wijaya, and Fatimah Az Zahra, and their organic single-use soap bar, the Sha-Biru (insert).

As quoted by on Friday (12/11/2021), Khairum stated that she and her team decided to develop organic soap based on practicality. “The product is an innovation by packaging several tiny bars of soap in a compact 75 gram box. Our market research furnished the input that bar soaps are more efficient to carry because they don’t tend to leak or spill. We decided on the pink color and scent from strawberry extract as its primary ingredient,” she said.

Khairum admitted that she and her team found competing with the brilliant ideas submitted by other teams to be a distinct challenge, and one that spurred them on. “We still wanted to try and see how things end up with the effort that we made. We are glad to have each other, to successfully maintain our teamwork to the end. We believe that it is highly possible that we will come up with better, more innovative business ideas in the future. We also think about the sustainability, viability, and utility of all our business plans in society. We believe that our plan has a great opportunity to be implemented. The team is still thinking of the realistic continuation of this plan, and naturally we hope for support from everyone around us,” she said. (est)