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Rain shaman phenomenon and appreciation from the MotoGP team


Raden Roro Istiati Wulandari
Rain shaman Raden Roro Istiati Wulandari. Photo: INSTAGRAM @RARA_CAHAYATAROTINDIGO

The MotoGP committee and international media commended Rara’s performance for diverting the rain. After the rain stopped, Rara was complimented by the MotoGP team. “IT WORKED!” wrote the official MotoGP Twitter on Sunday (3/20/2022). 

Rara currently resides in Bali and is well known for her experience in “controlling the weather”. On a few occasions, she was designated as a rain handler at major events, such as the “Putih Bersatu” Concert at GBK (April 13, 2019), the Indonesian Vision and Mission event (July 4, 2019) at SICC Sentul, West Java, the 2018 Asian Games opening ceremony (2018), the U-19 AFC Cup (2018), G20 Social Program Forum (February 2022), Guns N Roses and Ed Sheeran concerts. She was also involved in the Vaccination Center event with SOEs in March-June 2021 and collaborated with National Search And Rescue Agency (Basarnas) in plane crash search, such as the Sriwijaya Air crashed plane and many others. 

Rr. Diah “Alexa” Mustika Sari – Rara’s assistant – confirmed that almost 100% of the events Rara handled were successful. “Otherwise, she wouldn’t still be invited, especially for state events,” she said. 

Alexa said the rain charmer ritual is often seen in our daily life. “Such as in music concerts and grand and important events. But, they are rarely exposed. Just ask the event organizers. They must be familiar with rain shamans. They are even used for weddings in the village. So, it is not something strange,” she explained. 

She explained that rain shamans do not stop the rain but divert the rain to other places. For example, in the Mandalika 2022 MotoGP, Rara entered the circuit to move or divert the rain to keep the circuit safe. “Or else, the event couldn’t go on. We all want Indonesia to have a positive acknowledgment from the international audience,” said Alexa. 


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