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President Jokowi acknowledges 12 gross human rights violations in the past


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Illustration (Source: Liputan6)

Furthermore, Jokowi asked the Coordinating Political, Legal and Security Affairs Minister Mahfud MD to oversee the government’s concrete efforts in the implementation.

“Hopefully this effort will become a meaningful step toward healing the wounds of our fellow countrymen in order to strengthen our national harmony in the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia,” he said.

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The 12 gross human rights violations he referred to are: the bloodshed and arrest that took place in 1965-1966 after an abortive communist coup, the 1982-1985 Mysterious Shootings (Petrus), the 1989 Talangsari incident in Lampung, the 1989 Rumoh Geudong and Pos Sattis incidents in Aceh, the forced disappearances in 1997-1998, the May 1998 Riot, the Trisakti and Semanggi I-II incidents in 1998-1999, Shaman Murder in 1998-1999, the Simpang KKA incident in Aceh 1999, the Wasior incident in Papua in 2001-2002, the Wamena incident in Papua in 2003 and the Jambo Keupok Incident in Aceh in 2003. (un)


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