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Prabowo-Gibran’s electability hits 50.9% after third debate, single-round victory within grasp


Jakarta, IO – The Indonesian Survey & Polling Institute (SPIN) on Monday (15/1) released its survey results ahead of the 2024 presidential election. It concluded that candidate pair No 2, Prabowo-Gibran is likely to win outright.

SPIN executive director Igor Dirgantara said Prabowo-Gibran’s electability continues to increase upwards of 50 percent, leaving the other two contenders further behind.

“Pair No 2 electability rose to 50.9 percent. Just 0.1 percent shy of the threshold. There is window of possibility to win in just one round,” said Igor.

Pair No 1 Anies-Muhaimin’s share was 18.7 percent, while pair No 3 Ganjar-Mahfud garnered 23.5 percent. Igor pointed out that their electability tended to fall, especially after the third debate held on January 7. He said the candidates’ debate styles have influenced the public’s support for them.

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“Especially Anies-Muhaimin, who has seen quite a drop, perhaps due to Anies’ debating style which is deemed too aggressive, especially his attacks on Prabowo,” explained Igor. “It can be said that he has committed a blunder, to the advantage of Prabowo.”

The survey was conducted on January 8-14, 2024, participated in by 2,178 respondents from provinces.


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