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Police uncover motive in deadly cyanide poisoning of Pacitan student


Jakarta, IO – Police have revealed the motive in the murder by cyanide poisoning committed by Ayu Findi Antika (26) which resulted in the death of MRS (14), an Islamic junior high school student in Pacitan, East Java. She administered the poison by lacing the coffee that was accidentally drank by the victim.

According to Pacitan Police chief AKBP Agung Nugroho, the suspect is known to have previously stolen savings belonging to the victim’s family. “Because she was caught, she became vengeful and started planning to harm the victim’s family with poison so they would not tell others of her act,” he said, per Detikcom, Friday (2/2).

“It was not targeted at the MRS. The perpetrator sprinkled the poison to a coffee that the victim’s father had just prepared. She was just unfortunate to be the one who drank it,” said Agung.

Ayu was known to have bought the poison herself through an e-commerce platform. After drinking the poisoned coffee, MRS suddenly collapsed and discharged clear fluid from her mouth. She was immediately rushed to the nearby health clinic before she succumbed.

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The victim’s mother, Sukatmini, reported the incident to the police. Police then exhumed her body and carried out autopsy. That was how the foul play was uncovered. (rr)


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